A PDF version for SCECR 2013′s program can be found here.

NOTE: the first presenter in each session should serve as session chair

~ Thursday June 27th ~

9.15am – Opening Remarks Francisco Veloso: Dean – Católica-Lisbon, Portuguese Catholic University

9.30-10.30: Session 1 – Social Influence

Influence: Do Birds of a Feather ReTweet Together? Adrian Benton (University of Pennsylvania) and Shawndra Hill (University of Pennsylvania)

Is Social Influence Always Positive? Evidence from a Large Mobile Network Rodrigo Belo (Carnegie Mellon University, Católica-Lisbon) and Pedro Ferreira (Carnegie Mellon University)

10.30-10.45: Coffee-break

Session 2: 10.45-12.45 – E-Commerce and Online Advertising

Mobile Commerce in the New Tablet Economy Anindya Ghose (New York University), Sang Pil Han (City University of Hong Kong) and Kaiquan Xu (Nanjing University)

The Hyper-local Economic Impact of Airbnb John W. Byers (Boston University), Flavio Esposito (Boston University), Davide Proserpio (Boston University) and Giorgos Zervas (Yale University)

Toward Effective Social Advertising: A Micro Level Analysis of the Impact of Network Attributes on Social Influence Jing Peng (University of Pennsylvania), Kartik Hosanagar (University of Pennsylvania), Ashish Agarwal (University of Texas at Austin) and Raghuram Iyengar (University of Pennsylvania)

The Effect of Advertising Content on Consumer Engagement in Social Media: Evidence from Facebook Dokyun Lee (University of Pennsylvania), Kartik Hosanagar (University of Pennsylvania), Harikesh Nair (Stanford University)

Lunch and Keynote Speaker 13.00-2.30

Steve E. Fienberg: Privacy & E-Commerce Research:  The CMU/SMU Living Analytics Research Centre Maurice Falk University Professor of Statistics and Social Science Departments of Statistics, Machine Learning and the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

Session 3: 2.45-4.15 – Media Industry: Music, Movies and TV

Gone in 60 Seconds: The Impact of the Megaupload Shutdown on Movie Sales Brett Danaher (Wellesley College) and Michael Smith (Carnegie Mellon University)

Streaming vs. Downloading of Online Music: Complements or Substitutes? Sanjeev Dewan (University of California) and Jui Ramaprasad (McGill University)

The Impact of Social Media on Television Viewership: Evidence from a Large Scale Natural Experiment Dylan Walker (Boston University) and Lev Muchnik (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Coffee-break 4.15-4.30

Session 4: 4.30-6.30 – Multi-channel, Pricing and Purchase Behavior

The Long Road to Online Conversion: A Model of Multi-Channel Attribution Vibhanshu Abhishek (Carnegie Mellon University), Peter Fader (University of Pennsylvania) and Kartik Hosanagar (University of Pennsylvania)

Consumer Heterogeneity and Long Tails: How Consumption Patterns Change as Consumers Move Online Gonca Soysal (University of Texas at Dallas) and Alejandro Zentner (University of Texas at Dallas)

Demystifying the Path to Purchase: A State Space Modeling Approach Nachiketa Sahoo (Boston University), Chrysanthos Dellarocas (Boston University) and Shuba Srinivasan (Boston University)

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8.30pm Dinner (bus pick up from Hotel Açores at 7.45pm and from Hotel SANA Metrolpolitan at 8.00pm)

10.30pm 1st Bus leaves to hotels

11.30am 2nd Bus leaves to hotels


~ Friday June 28th ~

Session 5: 8.45-10.45 – Networks in Govt, Firms and Entrepreneurship

Tree-Based Matching for Addressing Self-Selection in Impact Studies: Application to eGov in India Galit Shmueli (Indian School of Business) and Deepa Mani (Indian School of Business)

Costs and the Appeal of Third-Party Certifications: Empirical Evidence from an Online Labor Market Paulo Goes (University of Arizona) and Mingfeng Lin (University of Arizona)

Social Networks and Team Selection: Implications for Worker Productivity Ram Gopal (University of Connecticut), Raymond Patterson (University of Alberta), Erik Rolland (University of California) and Dmitry Zhdanov (University of Connecticut)

The use of Symbolic Action in Social Media by New Ventures to Create Legitimacy Sofia Bapna (University of Minnesota) and Mary Benner (University of Minnesota)

Coffee-break 10.45-11.00

Session 6: 11.00-12.30 – Randomized Experiments in Different Contexts

The Impact of Likes on the Sales of Movies in Video-on-Demand: a Randomized Experiment Miguel Godinho de Matos (Carnegie Mellon University and Instituto Superior Tecnico), Pedro Ferreira (Carnegie Mellon University), Rahul Telang (Carnegie Mellon University) and Michael Smith (Carnegie Mellon University)

Social Inhibitions in Dating Markets: A Randomized Field Experiment Ravi Bapna (University of Minnesota), Jui Ramaprasad (McGill University), Galit Shmueli (Indian School of Business) and Akhmed Umyarov (University of Minnesota)

Measuring the Effectiveness of Location-Based Advertising: A Randomized Field Experiment Comparing PC with Mobile Anindya Ghose (New York University), Martin Spann (LMU Munich), Dominik Molitor (LMU Munich) and Philipp Reichhart (LMU Munich)

Lunch and Poster Session 12.30-2.30 Chairs: Ravi Bapna, Jui Ramaprasad

Session 7: 2.45-4.45 – Prediction in Online Markets and Group Behavior

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Using Forums and Search for Predicting Sales Tomer Geva (Google), Gal Oestreicher-Singer (Tel-Aviv University), Niv Efron (Google) and Yair Shimshoni (Google)

Leveraging Twitter Sentiment to Beat the Market Ting Li (Erasmus University), Dennis Sprengers (Erasmus University) and Jan van Dalen (Erasmus University)

Information Networks, Learning Rates, and Performance Jacomo Corbo (University of Pennsylvania) and Gary Pisano (Harvard Business School)

Effects of Stick-Togetherness on the Emergence of Collective Intelligence: A Longitudinal Analysis Mihai Grigore (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), Bernadetta Tarigan (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), Juliana Sutanto (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)

Coffee-break 4.45-5.00

Session 8: 5.00-6.30 – Auctions

Flexible Decision Support in Multi-Unit Sequential B2B Auctions: A Structural Estimation Based Framework Yixin Lu (Rotterdam School of Management), Alok Gupta (University of Minnesota), Wolfgang Ketter (Rotterdam School of Management) and Eric Van Heck (Rotterdam School of Management)

Does Auction Mechanism Affect Bidder Behavior and Market Performance? Evidence from Sealed and Open Bids Auctions in An Online Labor Market Yili Hong (Temple University), Chong Wang (City University of Hong Kong) and Paul Pavlou (Temple University)

Measuring and Improving the Allocative Efficiency of Online Auctions Sarah Rice (University of Connecticut), Ravi Bapna (University of Minnesota) and Bob Day (University of Connecticut)

6.30 – 6.45 Closing Remarks

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6.45 – 7.45 Closing Cocktail

Note: 2nd bus leaves at 8.00pm to hotels

Posters (friday june 28th 12.30 – 2.30)

 An Empirical Examination of Online Information Hiding Gordon Burtch (Temple University), Anindya Ghose (New York University), Sunil Wattal (Temple University)

 Are Global Labor Markets Truly “Flat”? Global Frictions, Labor Arbitrage and Reputation in Online Labor Markets Yili Hong (Temple University), Paul Pavlou (Temple University)

Lean Theory Building in an Age of Applied Business Analytics: Moving Survey-Based Science to the Fourth Paradigm Jason Kuruzovich (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

The Lure of Glory: Effect of Certifications on User Contributions in an Online Knowledge Exchange Paulo Goes (University of Arizona), Chenhui Guo (University of Arizona), Mingfeng Lin (University of Arizona)

Does Who you Know Matter? Unraveling the Influence of Student Networks on Academic Performance Tarun Jain (Indian School of Business), Nishtha Langer (Indian School of Business)

Network Diffusion Experiments Michael Finegold (Carnegie Mellon University), Andrew Thomas (Carnegie Mellon University)

Dynamics of the Market for Information: An Analysis of the Online Word-of-Mouth Wael Jabr (University of Calgary), Mohammad Rahman (University of Calgary)

Value Co-creation in Crowdsourcing: The Effects of Social Networks on Product Co-development Project Success Hyelim Oh (McGill University), Animesh Animesh (McGill University), Alain Pinsonneault (McGill University)

Managerial Response to Negative Consumer Feedback in Online Review Forums: Evidence from TripAdvisor Stacey-ann Sharpe (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Dongling Huang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), T. Ravichandran (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Space Allocation in the Retail Industry Fábio Pinto (Universidade do Porto), Carlos Soares (Universidade do Porto)

Revenue Optimal Multi-Attribute Product Construction with Application to the Cloud Benjamin Lubin (Boston University), Maryam Ghasemi (Boston University)

Music Discovery and Music Consumption: An Individual-Level Analysis Genevieve Bassellier (McGill University), Jui Ramaprasad (McGill University), Matthew Chisling (McGill University)

When Does Social Network-based Targeting Work? Shawndra Hill (University of Pennsylvania), Adrian Benton (University of Pennsylvania)

Designing a Viral Incentive Scheme Based on Predicting Altruistic Preferences from Online Social Networks Ravi Bapna (University of Minnesota), Zhuojun Gu (University of Minnesota), Alok Gupta (University of Minnesota)

Use of Group-Based Trajectory Models to Assess the Impact of Heterogeneously Distributed Firm Capabilities: The Case of Innovation Deepa Mani (Indian School of Business), Anand Nandkumar (Indian School of Business)

The Best Of Products And The Worst Of Products: Presenting Less Attractive Alternatives Promotes Consumer Response To Recommendations Dimitrios Tsekouras (Erasmus University), Benedict Dellaert (Erasmus University), Bas Donkers (Erasmus University), Gerald Häubl (University of Alberta)